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277 Turnpike St., South Easton, MA
508-230-9441  /  508-230-9143


Lunch Specials
Monday - Friday : 11am - 3pm

Special Subs Come with Drink and Chips
Italian Sub $10.95+tax
Ham & Cheese Sub $10.95+tax
Tuna Sub $10.95+tax
Roasted Beef Sub $10.95+tax
Turkey Sub $10.95+tax
Meatball Sub $10.95+tax
Hamburger $10.95+tax
Chicken Salad $10.95+tax
Specials Come with Drink only
2 Slices Cheese $7.95+tax
2 slices Pepperoni $8.50+tax
4 pc. Chicken Finger w/ Fries $10.50+tax
Cheese Calzone $9.95+tax
Penne/Marinara Sauce $9.25+tax
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